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Library Homepage: Where and How to Print

The WCTC Library serves the students, faculty, staff, and residents of the Waukesha County Technical College district.

Where and How to Print

WCTC uses a print management system called Papercut for student printing on campus. Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) are accessible around campus and can be used to either release submitted print jobs, copy, or scan documents. Any print jobs not released in 3 days will automatically be deleted.

One MFD is located near the WCTC Library on the upper floor of the B Building across from the new Esports facility and can print in both black & white and color. 

More information on printing is available in the Student Printing Knowledge Base

Printing from a Campus Computer

When clicking print you can choose Copier-BW or Copier-Color depending on your needs. You will need to adjust the settings for number of copies, printing double-sided, etc. before printing if you wish to change anything from the default settings.

Printing Using Web Print (Print from Anywhere)

You can send print jobs from your own personal device using PaperCut's Web Print option via the Printing portal

Printing from a Personal Computer

The Papercut Cloud Print feature lets users print securely from anywhere. Currently Cloud Print supports Windows and Mac only.

Printing from a Tablet or Smartphone

The Papercut Mobility Print feature let users print from their IOS or Andriod devices while on campus. Devices must be connected to WCTCSecure wireless network to print using the Mobility Print feature. 

Printing Costs and How to Add Money to Your Account

Every student is provided with an initial, one-time allotment of $40 for printing. Once that amount has been spent, you will need to add funds to continue printing. Account balances can be checked by logging into the printing portal. 

More information on adding money to Papercut accounts is available on the How to add Funds to Papercut Account Knowledge Base article. Five dollar print cards can be purchased with cash in the WCTC Library and print cards can be purchased with cash or credit card in the Bookstore. 

  • Black & white printing: duplex (double-sided) is $0.04/side; simplex (single-sided) is $0.05/page
  • Color printing: duplex (double-sided) is $0.24/side; simplex (single-sided) is $0.25/page

Please see a WCTC Library staff member if you need further assistance.