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Career Connections: Job Search

Handshake- Job Search Tool for Students and Alumni

Handshake offers:

  • A searchable employment database of part and full-time jobs submitted by employers interested in hiring students and alumni from the 16 Wisconsin Technical Colleges.
  • Information on virtual recruiting, job fairs, workshops and other events.

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Job Search Links

There are many sites that post job openings. In general there are two types, one in which the employer posts open positions and the other that collects job postings from other posting websites. Be aware of fraudulent websites in which the only goal is to gather information for sales or possible illicit purposes. The following are tested and considered to be legitimate.

For even more job search links, go to our Recommended Websites tab.

Researching Companies

During the job application process, it is essential to research employers. You will want to determine if the company is compatible not only with your needs, but also your values and goals.

The interview process not only requires knowledge of the position for which you are applying, but also knowledge of the overall business in order to ask intelligent and informed questions of the interviewer. Interviewers expect these questions.

Research for Facts

Research for Values and Cultural Fit

Questions to Ask the Employer in an Interview in the Interviewing section will give you ideas on how to use your interview as a chance to assess cultural fit.