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Career Connections: Career Exploration

What is Career Exploration?

"Who am I? Where am I going? How do I get there?"   Career exploration is all about answering these questions. Choosing a career is a multi-step process. It involves learning more about yourself and the occupations you are considering in order to make an informed decision. Self-awareness of interests, strengths, values, skills, personality and decision-making style will come in handy when making your choice.

How to Choose a WCTC Program

Need help figuring out what area of study best suits your needs? Check out the step by step guide below that can help you pick a satisfying program of study that aligns with your skills, interests and values.

1. Explore Career Options

  • Take a Work Style Quiz, which is a brief, easy-to-complete quiz, to learn your work style and what careers might be a good fit for you. Or, take the longer Career Clusters Quiz to identify the top career clusters based on your interests and personality traits, and find out which WCTC programs lead to occupations in those areas.
  • For additional career assessments, attend the "Career Exploration" workshop. Workshop Schedule

2. Research Careers and Educational Programs

  • Review Programs and Courses offered at WCTC to learn which programs match your quiz results.
  • Research job descriptions and outlook for programs of interest. 
  • Explore Wisconomy to research careers and expected salaries for entry-level and experienced employees in Wisconsin. (Click on MyLMI Tool, then drag and drop County Wages.)

3. Select a Program of Study

Career Snapshots

"Robot Programmer"
A CandidCareers Video

WCTC Career Pathways

WCTC Career Pathways

WCTC Blended Options
WCTC Advising and Counseling Services
Alphabetical List of WCTC Programs

"Who am I?" - Career Assessments Can Help

Assessments that assess interests, skills, strengths, values, and personality can help you answer the question "Who am I?". You can take one or more of the assessments below before scheduling a meeting with a Career Specialist to discuss your results. Don't worry, if you'd rather talk to us first. Feel free to make an appointment. In the meantime, get some career choice tips from this CandidCareers video.


Career Exploration 101

Career Assessments

"Where am I going?" - Researching Careers Helps

Once you have answered the "Who am I?" question, it's time to start with "Where am I going?" Time to research careers! Aspects of a career that you will want to consider before making a decision include, but are not limited to, daily tasks, typical hours, environment, salary, education/training necessary, whether there is demand for that career, and of course, whether it fits with your interests, skills, strengths and values. So how do you research careers? Below are some links to resources to help you.

In addition to researching online, informational interviewing and job shadowing are also great options for finding out about careers. Below are some links that will help you.

How to do an Informational Interview

Volunteer Experiences Can Help You Decide

Compare and Contrast the Careers You Are Considering

Researching careers can definitely cause information overload. Use the chart below to help you keep track of what you like and dislike about each of the careers that you are considering. You might be surprised at how much seeing this information on paper (or your computer) can help you make a decision.

"How do I get there?" - We Can Help

You've done your career research and you've narrowed it down. You have a goal in mind.  But how, exactly, will you reach that goal? You might have a gap in education or training for the career or careers that you are considering.  Now is the time to plan how you will gain the skills you need to be competitive in the job market. We know you are busy and "life happens." Talk to us about what resources you might need to complete a program. Perhaps you need financial assistance and aren't sure how to go about getting it.  Maybe you foresee childcare obstacles.  You could be worried about academics after not being in school for several years. We are here to support you, connect you to resources, and help you develop and reach your goals as much as we can.


Setting Your Goals

Overcoming Obstacles in Your Plan

Financial Assistance

  • More than half of all students use financial aid to help pay for college (loans, scholarships, and grants). Click here to access information about the financial aid process at WCTC. Call 262-691-5123 to talk to a financial aid representative. 
  • Click here for a list of WCTC Foundation Scholarships.
  • Have you been laid off or are you underemployed? You may be eligible for training funds through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Adult and Dislocated Worker Program. To find out more, click here for a schedule of weekly orientation meetings that do not require pre-registration, or contact Kim Mullikin at 262-695-7947,
  • Campus Cupboard is WCTC's food pantry. Click here for more information.
  • Click here for information on programs such as FoodShare, Medical Assistance/Badger Care, Energy Services, and Child Care.
  • If you are eligible for FoodShare, you may be eligible for the FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program. Contact the Moraine Lakes Consortium at or 888-446-1239 for more information.
  • The Waukesha Hispanic Collaborative Network partners with many agencies who provide services to all ethnicities.

Academic Assistance

  • Your academic advisor is an important partner in your education. Academic advisors help WCTC students understand the college's programs, policies and procedures, and they provide tools and resources needed to be successful. Maintain an ongoing relationship with your academic advisor and check in with them each semester. Contact Academic Advising if you are having difficulty with anything that is preventing you from being a successful student. They often have resources for you.
  • In Academic Support Services, students can review and improve the skills essential for academic success. Come here for help as soon as you think you might need it in any class.
  • The Computer Basics/Literacy class is a very versatile, self-paced class meant for not only the beginning computer user, but also those who wish to fill in the gaps for Windows and Microsoft Office. Great for employment test preparation and for brushing up before or while taking other classes. To register, call 262-691-5578 OR Stop in M-F from 9-2:30 in room W-105. $4.50 fee per semester.
  • If you think you may need accommodations for a short-term or long-term disability, contact the Student Accessibility Office for assistance.
  • If you are experiencing life problems that are affecting your academic work, short term counseling is available to students free of charge. Contact Counseling Services for more information.

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Your Feedback is Appreciated

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Get Help

It can be very helpful to talk to a career professional while making a career choice.

To make an individual appointment with a Career Specialist, please call 262-695-7848. 

We also offer a workshop called "Career Exploration: Discover Your Dream". In it, you will complete assessments to explore your values, skills, and interests for researching potential careers. Click on the workshop calendar link below for the schedule.