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Counseling Services: Faculty & Staff Resources


Partnering to support students

Instructors play an important role in recognizing when students are struggling. We encourage instructors to refer students to Mental Health Counseling Services at any time. Please click on the “Faculty & Staff Resources” arrow above to learn more about When to Refer a student and some helpful tips for How to Refer a student to Counseling Services.

Managing Stress During Distance Learning

Click below for access to a free webinar!

Resources for your Classroom

Listed below are some resources available to use in your classroom and more ways to help students get connected to Mental Health Counseling Services:

1. Diaphramatic Breathing with Sofia
The WCTC Mental Health Counseling team understands that this time of uncertainty can produce higher levels of stress. Diaphragmatic breathing is a powerful strategy that can lower our blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol (stress hormone).

Feel free to add this video to your course in Canvas as a stress management strategy for students.

2. Introduction to Counseling Video
If you are looking for a quick and easy way to help students get connected with Mental Health Counseling Services, feel free to show this video or add to Canvas!

Counseling Services at WCTC - YouTube

3. Class Visits
If you would like someone from the Mental Health Counseling team to visit your class and introduce our services to your students, please contact our office.

4. Live Workshops
Mental Health Counseling Services is offering a variety of different live workshops for students, staff, and faculty each week addressing the following:
-Distress Tolerance and emotion regulation skills
-Conflict resolution and interpersonal skill building
-Building a support system
-Mindfulness, breathing, and EFT tapping techniques

Stay tuned for a list of future workshops!

5. Same Day Service
If you would like to help a student connect with a counselor for a same-day appointment, please call our front desk at (262) 695-3440.