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Counseling Services: First Generation College Students

First Generation College Students

Being the first in your family to go to college can be exciting, overwhelming, and daunting. Navigating financial aid, timelines, admissions, program requirements, and  much more can cause additional stress and uncertainty, so utilizing resources, support, and encouragement is important and helpful. See some of the resources below for more information!

Information, Education, and Resources

First Generation College Student Guide

Financial aid, checklists, timelines, & encouragement for students who are the first in the family to attend college


    First in the Family

"What does it take to get going and keep going, once in college? If you are the first in the family, it can take grit and support. In six audio slideshows, first-generation college students talk about the money, cultural, and academic hurdles they face on the path to a four-year degree -- and how colleges can help."


I'm First!

"There is something special about being the FIRST…especially being the first in your family to attend and graduate from college. I’m First!, an initiative of Strive for College, is an online community celebrating first-generation college students."

First Lady Michelle Obama "I'm First"


Challenges of a First Generation College Student

1. Understanding the process
2. Paying for college
3. Feeling out-of-place
4. Guilt
5. Usage of on-campus resources

Learn more about each of these challenges, solutions, support, and resources on this Online Guide.