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Counseling Services: Wellness


Wellness Resources


 Exploring the Emotion Wheel
"Emotions can be confusing! But what if you could explore them in an emotion wheel, and dig deeper with a simply powerful emotions list? The Plutchik Model of Emotions provides a simply logical way to make sense of feelings."


"Less stressed. More resilient. Happier. It all starts with just a few minutes a day."


  Insight Timer
"#1 free app for sleep, anxiety and stress."


 Mental Health is Health
"An initiative rooted in the reality that we all have mental health and need to take care of it like we do our physical health. The initiative aims to normalize conversation, create a connection to resources and inspire action on mental health."


Mood Treatment Center
Mood Treatment Center is committed to helping people and their families achieve full recovery from mood disorders and related problems. 


TAO has mindfulness exercises available to everyone and is a positive online resource.


"Written with authority and compassion, this is the essential resource for individuals and families seeking expert guidance on diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, featuring inspiring, true stories from real people in their own words."


Campus Resources

1. Fitness on Campus
Check out WCTC Fitness for more information, tips, and resources on wellness!

2. Campus Cupboard
The Campus Cupboard provides nutritional assistance to students in need. Students can receive pre-bagged groceries up to one time per week with a current student ID. Each bag provides a balanced variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items and always includes fruits and vegetables. No financial information or other verification (other than a student ID) is required.

Diaphragmatic Breathing and EFT Tapping with Sofia

Diaphragmatic Breathing (top video)
EFT Tapping (bottom video)