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Global Education: Co-Curricular Grants

Selection Criteria

Rationale: The Program Description and Rationale provided for the activity are explained in detail and ties the experiential program to a course competency or program outcome and internationalization, diversity, and/or culture.

Eligibility: The Program Description fully describes the out of classroom experience and the relation of the activity to internationalization, diversity, or culture.

Budget: Budget information is accurate, thorough, and reasonable. Program will be able to achieve the proposed outcomes based on an accurate budget projection.

Outcomes and Assessment: Co-curricular activity outcomes and assessment plan is achievable and tied to student learning.

Creativity: Program will provide a different and creative out of the classroom learning experience for multiple students.

Global Education Co-Curricular Diversity Grants

The Global Education Center is pleased to offer grants for faculty and staff to provide out-of-the-classroom experiences for students focused on internationalization, diversity, and culture. Any full time faculty or professional staff member is eligible to apply for a co-curricular grant up to $500.

Examples of co-curricular grants include, but are not limited to: business visits with international themes, local museums, cultural plays or movies, cultural festivals, diversity workshops, community-based projects.

Submission and Review: Submit the online application through the Global Education LibGuide ( The Global Education Center will review the application against our scoring rubric using the Selection Criteria listed on the Global Education LibGuide and award all eligible grants in the order they were received. Applications must be received at least 3 weeks prior to an event to be eligible for a grant. The committee may disperse up to $5,000 in total grants per year.

Eligibility: The Global Education Co-Curricular Diversity Grants are available to any full time faculty or professional staff member at the Pewaukee or Waukesha WCTC campuses. Grants must be used for an out of classroom experience and must be received no later than 3 weeks prior to the program offering. All program offerings must be aligned with at least one Critical Life Skill and at least one Citizenship Criteria. Priority will be given to program offerings completing a direct assessment of student learning. Applicants are able to submit one application per semester. Subsequent grant approval is subject to successful completion of previous grant requirements.

Program Requirements: Completed applications must be filled out through the Global Education LibGuide page found through the WCTC Library website and include proposed program information, budget information, planned outcomes, CLS alignment, and assessment plan. Upon completion of the program, the applicant must complete the Co-Curricular Diversity Grant Reporting Form also found on the Global Education LibGuide and copy of the expense report. Grants will be distributed to specific departments. All reporting documents must be completed within one month of the program offering and no later than June 1. Expense report policies apply. Awardees may be requested to attend the Global Showcase or share their activities.

Funds: Grant funds must be used to support an out-of-the classroom experiential learning opportunity for students and may not be used for faculty payment (see Global Mini Grant for faculty stipend opportunities). Funds may be used for entry tickets, meals, workshops, or program costs for students and one faculty or staff member per grant. Grants may also be used to supplement travel for a student group with one faculty or staff member chaperone. Grants may not be used for conferences in or out of state, including international travel (see Global Education Travel Funding for travel funding). Any unused funds must be returned to Global Education.

Assistance: Global Education is available to provide assistance and guidance with the development of a program for a co-curricular grant, budgetary advice, and creation of the CLS Rubric. 

Questions? Contact Melody Reichoff, Global Education Coordinator,