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Courses Using OER: Home

Health Nursing Fundamentals 543-101 Open RN: Nursing Fundamentals   
Health Nursing Skills 543-102 Open RN: Nursing Skills  
Health Nursing Pharmacology 543-103 Open RN: Nursing Pharmacology  
Health  Nursing: Mental Health Community 543-110 Open RN: Mental Health & Community Concepts   
Health  Nursing Mgt & Profess Concepts 543-114 Open RN: Management & Professional Concepts   
Health  Paramedic to ADN Theory 1 543-127 Open RN: Nursing Pharmacology
Health  Paramedic to ADN Theory 2 543-128 Open RN: Nursing Pharmacology
Health  Nursing Assistant 543-300 Open RN/HEERF: Nursing Assistant 
Protective & Human Services EMS courses NA WCTCFire&EMS Youtube Videos  
Education & Human Services Overview of Mental Health 550-203 Variety of OER resources  
Business Hotel Sales & Revenue Management 109-150 Ebook through the WCTC Library  
Arts & Sciences Comm Skills HSED 11262 & 11263 Ebook through the WCTC Library  
Arts & Sciences Introduction to Sociology 809-196 Social 3e (OpenStax)  
Health Digital Literacy for Healthcare 501-307 Business Computers 365  
Protective & Human Services Fire Service Courses NA WCTCFire YouTube Videos