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Education Abroad: Guatemala

Books/Magazines at the Library

Online Resources

CIA World Factbook - Guatemala
Background information on Guatemala.

Country specific information covering demographic, political, economic, business, cultural, and environment areas.

El Futuro Maya II
The documentary sequel, El Futuro Maya II, is now available from the UW-Milwaukee Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.  The documentary was produced in collaboration with Professor McKenna Brown, Virginia Commonwealth University and with additional support from Tulane University and Vanderbilt University.  CLACS produced the original El Futuro Maya in 1998, shortly after the Guatemalan Peace Accords.  The new documentary, organized as thematic video modules, treats many of the same themes of identity, language, discrimination, the Maya Movement, and visions for the future.  Thirteen participants from the original contributed to the sequel, together with six new individuals.  The sequel is available from the CLACS website.

International Travel News
Print copies are available in the Student Enrichment Center

United States Department of State - Guatemala
Background notes and country information.

Other Resources

Guatemala: The Human Price of Coffee   (Films on Demand video)

Guatemala Silenced     (Films on Demand video)

Guatemala Silenciada   (Films on Demand video)