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Pre-Nursing: PAX Exam Prep

The WCTC Nursing program recommends using a variety of resources to prepare for the NLN PAX Exam. Please note that some items are free; others have a fee associated with them. The WCTC Testing Center has more information on the NLN PAX Exam. For questions about the admissions process, email; or call, email or set up an appointment with someone from the Enrollment Counselor team.

Online Resources from NLN Online

In order In order to access the official digital test prep materials from the National League for Nursing (NLN), you must create an NLN account.

  • Create your account online.
  • You must list WCTC as your school.
  • The password link to complete your account set-up is valid for 24 hours.
  • Once your student account has been created, log in and click on the BUY EXAM tab.
  • Use the Search Catalog to select STUDENT PRODUCTS > TEST PREP > See PAX Prep Products for purchase.
  • The cost is $25 per subject area (math, science, and verbal) and $20 each for each PAX Prep Bonus Exam (math, science, and verbal). There are also Flash Cards available for $20. 

Please contact the WCTC Testing Center if you have questions about this process. Email or call 262.695.6215.

Online Resources from the LearningExpress Library

The LearningExpress Library is available at any time to any Wisconsin resident. If you are an enrolled WCTC student, access the LearningExpress Library from the WCTC Library's database collection. If you are not an enrolled student, access the LearningExpress Library from Badgerlink. You must register for a free account to use LearningExpress. If you need assistance creating an account, please contact WCTC Library staff. There is no cost to use these online resources.

Online NLN-PAX Practice Exam Tests

Three test modes are available: simulation (timed), practice, or learner (answers provided as you go along).


Academic Support Center Services

Practice testing, instruction, and concept review are available in the Reading, Math, and Science Centers in the Student Enrichment Center (SEC). The cost of this Academic Support course is $4.50. You will be charged $4.50 at the time you are registered, but DO NOT pay the fee. Great News! The WCTC foundation will be paying this fee and your account will be credited shortly after you register. If you have any questions, please contact 

Student Enrichment CenterThe Reading, Math and Science Centers are located in the Student Enrichment Center, which is on the top floor of the B Building. Stop in or call 262.691.5311.

  • The Reading Center will help students build their vocabulary, discuss practice passage rationales, and provide additional verbal section materials to practice vocabulary and comprehension.
  • The Math Center will review challenging concepts and can provide additional math practice problems for students as needed. They also have packets on fractions and percents, and use an additional math review book.
  • The Science Center will also review challenging concepts with students after a practice test is taken.

About the NLN PAX Exam

The NLN PAX Exam contains 160 questions total: 60 verbal, 40 math, and 60 science, with 40 minutes allotted to each section.

  • Verbal ability assesses reading comprehension, critical thinking, and word knowledge.
  • Mathematics assesses mathematical reasoning and problem solving ability involving basic operations, word problems, unit conversions, fractions, decimals, algebra, and geometry.
  • Science assesses knowledge of general biology and microbiology, chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology, ecology, and health science.

Chat is available when the Library is open. If chat is offline, click here to submit a question.

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Print Resources from the WCTC Library

Limited copies of the following books are available at the WCTC Library in the Student Enrichment Center. Registered WCTC students may check these books out for 14 days; all other borrowers are restricted to in-building use only. There is no cost to check out these items.

Most of these books include preparation for a variety of tests. Some parts do not apply to the PAX Verbal test. Before using these resources to study for the PAX Exam, we strongly recommend talking to an instructor in the Reading Center in the SEC. Instructors there can identify which information in the books below will help you study for the test.