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Voting: Candidates


Choosing the candidate you agree with the most is an important aspect of voting. Here are a few resources to keep you informed for this election. 

What's on my ballot?

The first step is to find out what's on your local ballot. You can do this by visiting and typing in your current address or the address you'll be voting at. This will allow you to see exactly which Federal, State-wide, and local elections that you will be voting in. Remember to always look up the candidates in the local races as your vote will have the most impact in local elections. 

Who are the Presidential Candidates?

Federal elections are extremely important. It can be hard to figure out exactly what each of the candidates support and oppose. Read through some of the issues the two major candidates support and oppose here

Where do I stand politically on a global scale?

If you are interested on how you are positioned on politics globally. This quiz will ask you about general positions, such as the Government's place in a society instead of specific policies. You'll be able to compare your results to the placements of various candidates. You can find this quiz by clicking here.